Perspectives on Zan Zalil


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English 1
15 January 2011
Perspectives on Zan Zalil
The concept of Zan Zalil in Persian culture is that of a henpecked man; such men are looked down upon. Persian culture is unequivocally comprised of a male-dominated society. Men dominant positions of political and economic power almost exclusively. Yet, there are a small number of men who are described as being zan zalil. These men may actually provide for their wives economically. However, their ability to be the true decision-maker and leader within the family is compromised. This happens quite often when the wife is an extremely dominating and controlling person. The husband is then an individual who will be largely...
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.....n verbally or even physically abused by other men for being “soft.” Being zan zalil can have devastating effects for men. These men are far less likely to garner opportunities socioeconomically if their reputation for being zan zalil is well known to the community. In addition, these men are regarded with disdain by others and may suffer from a lack of social acceptance.
The potential for zan zalil to build up frustration at their relative situations is also quite high. After some time, such men can simply become overloaded and then react violently. While their responses are without any real positive outcome, their cause for being upset is very well established. Zan zalil are quite often unhappy men with very little hope for any