Perspectives on Twitter


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Marketing 123
20 November 2010
Perspectives on Twitter
Executive Summary
Twitter is an extremely popular company with a public-sphere text message technology that allows users to post messages at will. The company has benefitted enormously from high profile usage such as that by the then-candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 U.S. presidential elections, and the recent protests in Iran where Twitter users were major sources of news and information getting out of that media-controlled nation.
Twitter, however, may be seen as a technology with a novelty-effect which may have worn off. The company lost almost 16% of its users in late 2009. Within a short six-month period this type...
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.....ome incredibly enhanced. Websites can still offer a lot more functionality and personalized content than Twitter will ever be able to compete with. Website programmers and content providers of all ilk will benefit enormously from the increase in wireless broadband speeds.
If Twitter begins to be seen as being obsolete, the company could face a lot of inertia that would potentially bring it down. The major players in the information technology industry such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google will be looking to supplant the type of service that Twitter offers. These companies will have the capital and the determination to conduct such operations. Twitter could be in a lot of trouble if any of these players decides to move in a similar direction.