Perspectives on the Indian Legal System


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South Asian Studies 123
16 February 2010
Perspectives on the Indian Legal System
1.Framing the Debates on Law, Gender, Rights, Citizenship
a. Nivedita Menon. “Introduction” and “Rights: Putting History Back In.”
The case is made that for the most part that women’s groups perceive legal campaigns as broad strategies which can achieve legitimacy, encourage public awareness on specific issues, and as a methodology to achieve legal redress in the short-term.
If this is true, perhaps modalities for long-term legal redress are lacking. Menon further argued that women should be recognized as having parity with men from a legal perspective. Perhaps this argument can be framed within the...
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.....ansgressions would be to strengthen the law. India is notorious as being a country with very timid incarceration sentences, particularly in the case of men perpetrating crimes against.
e. Arvind Narrain. “Queer Struggles Around the Law: The Contemporary Context.”
Narrain examined the sociocultural aspects pertaining to Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, which had rendered homosexual relations between men to be illegal. Narrain made the case that the forces aligned against homosexuals are not merely based in either rule of law or in one specific mindset or philosophical vein. He argued that the entire social structure is against homosexuality on a collective basis and that this intolerance is translated into a violation of basic human rights.