Perspectives on Social Work III and IV


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Perspectives on Social Work III and IV
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September 13, 2010
9/16 Assignment
Passage 1: “The data we present in this chapter suggest that this intuition was sound: inequality is divisive, and even small differences seem to make an important difference” (WP - p. 50).
Passage 2: “People who practice social work commit themselves to serve as a resource for those who are struggling with problems and needs” (NKM - p. 78).
Passage 1 described the argument posited by the authors that inequality, as propounded by socialist theorists, is a characteristic of society which creates division. This premise is backed up by the data listed by the authors in reference to various studies in different countries...
The end:
.....argument, the authors decided that the genetic argument could not be included.
Passage 2 was the position taken by authors in order to warn social workers against the pitfalls of making assumptions. However, this position is categorically unrealistic. If no assumptions are made in reference to cultural diversity, then social workers would have no basis in proceeding with culturally diverse approaches. Assumptions are part of life and the authors are making a fallacious argument in opposition to this.
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