Perspectives on Prostitution


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Perspectives on Prostitution
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November 22, 2009
Perspectives on Prostitution
Description and development of the positions
The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country, from being perfectly legal and considered a profession, to being punishable by death. Canada is an example where prostitution is legal but considered illegally due to a minefield of criminal laws related to the industry that makes it very hard to either buy or sell sex legally (Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer). Examples of jurisdictions where prostitution is considered a completely legal profession are The Netherlands in Europe and Nevada in The U.S.
Sex is considered one of the first goods on this planet...
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.....s as possible. Any modalities by which AIDS can be reduced and women can be kept from falling into situations in which they would exploited should be explored for solutions which can be derived with comprehensive consensus from both sides of the argument.
It comes down to either let the women fully control its own body by completely legalizing it. Or, criminalize the entire industry by prosecuting every single piece of the market to totally destroy the demand. A drawback would be that the market would still operate but in a more closed environment. This would probably result in even more harm to the females and minors involved. Secondly, many women might argue that the right to privacy of their own body is taken away from them.