Perspectives on Poverty


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Perspectives on Poverty
The tragic reality of poverty has many definitions. One particular facet of poverty is referred to as chronic poverty. The chronic poor––those who have experienced poverty for long periods, or perhaps, all of their lives––are likely to be neglected in such an era given the
multiple factors that constrain their prospects and the likelihood that market-based factors
may contribute to their continued deprivation. Poverty itself is defined within the modern perspective of a world increasingly characterized by globalization. Chronic poverty can be further divided into four components: extended duration; the degree of multidimensional capability deprivations; those affected by poverty themselves such as individuals,...
The end:
.....n again. In a world which should be fashioned along egalitarian lines, nothing less should be acceptable. Poverty is a measure of relativity. There are enough resources available so that those in need can be helped to transcend this state and enjoy the common fruits of existence.
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