Perspectives on Nursing Theory


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Perspectives on Nursing Theory
Analysis of Imogene King
King uses an empirical approach to nursing. She posits the notion that an initial observation period for each individual patient is critical for the development of the proper approach to nursing. Furthermore, she ties that into the notion that caregiving occurs within the context of society as a whole. Thus, the interactions between the patient, health care providers, family, friends, and greater society is a critical characteristic which must be understood to properly assess how the patient will recover and what the patient might need. This approach is certainly collective in nature and is well received in modern times due to the increased awareness of social contexts in all aspects...
The end: At times this may allow for certain patients to exceed the expectations that diagnostic equipment might otherwise color. Thus, the theories of King and Orem could be combined in order to form a broadbased approach which would allow for the strengths of each to be mutually supportive.
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