Perspectives on Nihonjin-ron


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History 123
11 January 2011
Perspectives on Nihonjin-ron
is a sociolinguistic framework which maintains the dominant Japanese culture in place and posits cultural isolationism. “Within the
framework, Japan is portrayed as linguistically homogenous (i.e. Japanese is the only language spoken there), and the Japanese language itself as a uniquely difficult and impenetrable barrier even for the Japanese themselves, let alone others” (Gottlieb 4).
This sociolinguistic distinction dictated that literacy and fluency were only the most basic criteria for being considered on a social basis for being construed as truly Japanese. Due to the nature of Japanese...
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.....-speakers have their own similar platforms based on language skills. Exclusionary social practices in places like France, or even Quebec, Canada are analogues to
is a paramount component in a mechanism which supports cultural isolationism and social stratification. It is designed to be exclusionary and to perpetuate social hierarchies while limiting the influence of any outside forces. It is a defense mechanism which is based on cultural insecurity.
attempts to create a narrow band of criteria for determining who will be regarded as being truly Japanese on a fundamental level.
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