Perspectives on Hostberg’s Strategy


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Perspectives on Hostberg's Strategy
Strategy Analysis and Recommendations
Since the strategy of Hostberg is to strengthen its global position, it will have to pay close attention to the rapid changes that globalization is bringing about. Part of the reason for globalization is that money can be moved around faster than ever. Bryan (2009) argued that “money, especially when it is electronically held, can move virtually instantaneously and costlessly across the globe” (p. 6). This fact is one of the biggest reasons that globalization is moving ahead with such speed. Management would be well served to clearly understand that globalization is characterized by financial, operational, and socioeconomic networking on an unprecedented...
The end:
.....tberg is diversifying in the right direction at the right time by going into the pharmaceutical arena. Patent acquisition and partnerships are likely to be primary stages to build better revenue generation. Subsequently, research and development operations can ramp up so as to offer Hostberg significant market control through the launching of patented medications.
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