Perspectives on Global Warming


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Perspectives on Global Warming
Module 1
I read an article with the slightly hysterical title, “Why the Global Warming Hoax?” It was published in The American Conservative, so between the source of publication and the title, it was no great surprise to find that author Jon Basil Utley is an extreme skeptic about global warming. As with many people I have had the misfortune to have extended conversations with, Utley sees global warming as a sophisticated scam to generate research funds for unscrupulous scientists and corporations. In other words, he is another one of those who thinks that he can demonstrate his intelligence by showing that while many other people are idiots, he is special in that he can see the truth.
Utley’s method of...
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.....alternative transit. They could make routes that are exclusively for bikes, so that even children could safely commute by bikes. On a positive note, Vancouver took a step towards this recently with the implementation of the Central Valley Greenway, which allows bicyclists to travel from Science World to Burnaby while hardly ever being on a street with cars. However, this has to be developed much further, so that cycling becomes a safe, viable alternative.
I would not give up my SUV, because I would never dream of having an SUV. I have already given up my car for a bicycle, and use transit when it is too cold to use my bike. My position is that the world faces a devastating threat, and I am doing my utmost not to hasten the end of the world.