Perspectives on Ethnicity and Immigrants


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Perspectives on Ethnicity and Immigrants
A2.One issue faced by Barack Obama throughout his early life was that of his ethnic background. Although he was of mixed parentage, with an African father and European American mother, the socially derived consequence of hypodescent dictated that he was considered to be an African American. Additionally, Obama was raised by his maternal grandparents who were European Americans. This dichotomy further affected the thinking of Obama as a youth as he pondered the issues of ethnicity and identity. Because Obama spent most of his early years either in Indonesia or Hawaii, he was exposed to a variety of ethnicities. Yet, he was invariably in the minority throughout this time period.
Obama came to...
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..... were practically slaves. I never knew that so many Irishmen served in the Union army. I wonder what might have happened with the Civil War had the Irish not been arriving in great numbers and bolstering the ranks of the Union army during the conflict.
The plight of Africans has been well documented. Yet, I was surprised to find out that once the Irish became recognized more or less to be “White Americans,” then they ended up oppressing the Africans even more. This was a sad aspect of history in which oppressed people end up becoming oppressors themselves just because they have achieved some higher level within a society based on racism. Perhaps these types of lessons could be well served to guide the U.S. in its current immigration crises.