Perspectives on Environmental Ethics


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LS 123
17 April 2010
Perspectives on Environmental Ethics
Global warming is a “hot” topic these days. A vast majority of scientific research has shown that global warming is partially a result of the way of life which humans have chosen to engage in, which then brings the subject into the realm of ethics. Whether it is driving around in vehicles which burn fossil fuels or buying goods manufactured with polluting chemicals, the corporate provisions for modern existence are creating the conditions in which global warming is inevitable. Thus, corporations do bear a certain amount of responsibility.
On the other hand, society has enabled corporations to provide these...
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.....aintain a harmonious balance. Human beings have created the environmental problems. A simple ethical analysis dictates that human beings thus have the onus of correcting these problems that are of their own doing. Perhaps a dose of contemplative thinking and a reconnection with an environmental conscience is in order.
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