Personality, Motivation, and Communication at Millennium Presence Advertising


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Personality, Motivation, and Communication at Millennium Presence Advertising
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February 23, 2010
1.Dan was a “a very capable, quality performer” and part of his frustration was developed on the fact that he felt somewhat cheated out of potential rewards that he had worked many years for. He was clearly a Type A personality who showed irritability, competitiveness, and time urgency. His handling of the situation showed that he did not deal with potential crises very well. Despite his steady work relationship with his boss Helen, as soon as there was talk of problems at the company, Dan began to progressively fall apart.
As a high achiever, Dan was also quite competitive. He made mention to Lori that...
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.....her positive qualities. Her attitudes about the business can be textualized into memos, e-mails, letters, and other forms of dialogue which can be utilized to encourage the entire staff as to the positive aspects of the business. Helen should be able to give Lori even more material with which she can spread the positive vibration throughout the staff.
By identifying two key employees who are on different sides of the equation, Helen can interpolate between these two perspectives and hopefully gain insights on how to deal with all the various perspectives which lie in between.
The company needs to remain as productive as possible throughout this difficult time and the meetings with Dan and Lori will give ample feedback on how to manage this.