Personal Statement: Two Application Essays


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Personal Statement: Two Application Essays
1 – When I transfer to a four-year Bachelor of Arts college, I intend to major in Sociology. I am particularly interested in Sociology as a field of study because I am fascinated by the ways in which people interact within and between societies. I have a very close connection to two different cultures, Iranian and American. I grew up accustomed to having close relationships with family members from both Iranian and American social environments. This has helped me to appreciate each culture within itself and in relation to each other. I would eventually like to pursue a career in Public Relations and I believe that a background in sociology will provide the perfect preparation for interacting with...
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.....ake for granted. In trying to become perfect on the outside, I didn’t care about the small things I do every day to make myself feel beautiful. This experience taught me that life is extremely short and can extremely fragile; thus, we shouldn’t be wasting our time on things that will eventually fade away, or that might not matter in a few days or weeks. I have become motivated to move toward the things that really matter to me and that make a difference in my life, such as my health, my family, and my education. Experiencing a life-threatening illness in a foreign country has made me more determined than ever to study harder and strive for academic excellence, to appreciate my body for the way it is, and to never take my health for granted.