Personal Statement: My Endocrinology Fellowship


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The beginning:
Personal Statement: My Endocrinology Fellowship
Endocrinology is a vast, complex, and demanding specialty that offers many opportunities to the doctor who wishes to enter the field. Endocrinologists may treat patients who have diabetes, reproductive issues, or other forms of chronic
across the lifespan. Outside of these dry facts, however, endocrinology is a vital and dynamic field that allows the doctor to develop long-term and meaningful professional relationships with the patients under their care.
Establishing a connection to my patients has always been of great importance to me. The belief in creating a positive professional relationship between doctor and patient has been a driving force in my theory of practice even...
The end:
.....come to realize that all of the professional efforts that I make during my career have a far-reaching effect on the patients that I serve. As a member of the medical faculty at the University of Massachusetts, I have come to realize that this effect grows substantially, as my philosophy and knowledge makes an impact on the students that I teach. This responsibility is humbling, yet it also inspires me to reach my fullest potential in my chosen field. I believe that having a fellowship from [organization] upon which to build, that I can fulfill that potential. I look forward to working with the fine faculty at [organization] and launching the next phase of my career knowing that I have collaborated with some of the finest minds in the field.