Personal Philosophy of Support


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The beginning:
Personal Philosophy of Support
defines social role valorization (SRV) as "the application of what science can tell us about the enablement, establishment, enhancement, maintenance, and/or
of valued social roles for people" (Thomas and
, 1999).
Personal philosophy of support:
My personal philosophy follows
now that the class is ending. In the beginning of the class I did not view intellectual disabled people as devalued. I defined devalued as not having any rights and I knew this was not true—disabled people had all kinds of rights. What I have learned is that devalued is about what we do to provide disabled people with their rights. By upholding the rights of disabled people they often...
The end:
.....fore any strategies can be created and implemented to help disabled individuals the exact nature of the problem needs to be identified. I have also learned that assessment of a disabled person is a team “sport” and not an isolated incident.
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, W. (1999). An Overview of Social
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