Personal Philosophy of Nursing


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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Nursing is an art and a science that involves the use of information obtained from evidence-based research to assist individuals obtain healing and restoration during an illness. Nursing is not limited to providing care for individuals with diseases, it includes providing individuals with the information and resources that can be used to prevent diseases form developing and facilitating an improvement in the quality of life of individuals. Nursing includes a holistic approach to the health of the individual that encompasses the physiological, psychological, social and spiritual state of the individual. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my personal philosophy of nursing and to illustrate the concepts in...
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.....of an individual including the physiological, psychological, existential and spiritual state of a person. The environment in my theory is the immediate surroundings of the patient and includes the community that the patient lives in. The person is not an isolated individual but includes the family of the patient. Nursing is a process that facilitates disease prevention, restoration of health, diagnosis of diseases and provides health resources for individuals to them to obtain optimal health. The interactions of these different components results in the prevention of health and restoration of disease. The nursing process occurs through the provision of care and comfort and establishing a relationship with the patient based on communication.