Perils of Global Warming for the 21st Century


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Perils of Global Warming for the 21st Century
The following paper looks at the issue of global warming. Specifically, the paper looks at what causes global warming and what consequences global warming has for our fragile earth. The topic is plainly important because a dramatic change in climatic conditions can wipe out creatures and organisms below us on the food chain – and this can lead to human beings suffering from a loss of food sources as well as human beings suffering physically themselves because of harsh weather conditions and pollution (like carbon dioxide) trapped in the atmosphere. In the end, while some progress has been made, global warming remains a serious threat and we must find ways to mitigate its progress. If we fail to...
The end:
..... fragile ecosystem of our earth will be even less prepared to deal with the profound changes that are now taking hold. While there is debate about what can be done, it seems evident that increased investment in mitigation technologies, increased focus upon fuel efficiency, and the development of new energy sources (such as solar power, wind power and hydro-electric power for vehicles) will all need to be explored and implemented if we want to avoid a major crisis. Things are not at the point of no return, but things are definitely growing serious.
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