Perceptions and Manipulations of Attire on Employment Resumes


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Perceptions and Manipulations of Attire on Employment Resumes
We all remember being nervous for a job interview. Trying to take the factors that may sway the interview in your favor has been a difficult challenge for generations. One element that has been predominantly the word, is the impact of clothing within the interview situational context. Several studies have examined clothing in terms of how it influences first impressions. However, many of these studies have not used the examination of clothing in conjunction with an evaluation of resume consideration in the formulation of a first impression. Previous empirical studies have not addressed the specific variables to be investigated in conjunction study them separately. Thus, the...
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.....(Naumann et al., 2009).
However, other research has also shown that interviewers can take various and vocal and visual cues that help structure their image of the interviewees they are evaluating. One study, DeGroot & Motowildo (1999), shows that nonverbal cues can be incredibly powerful during the context of personal interview. This can include images, behavior patterns, and even changes in pitch or speech rate. This list also includes the characteristic of perceived physical attractiveness, which can be tied to clothing choices. However, this study didn't focus on clothing in particular, but incorporated a series of nonverbal vocal cues within the context of the research. Visual clues in general can direct judgment of interviewees and