Pedophiles on the Internet


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Pedophiles on the Internet
With the growth of the Internet society has been capable of experiencing greater communication and knowledge retrieval than ever before in the history of civilization. However, as communication processes have become more advanced, so has the ability of pedophiles to gain access to children. While millions of children have access to the Internet on a daily basis, not all of these children are aware of the cyber dangers that exist. Furthermore, the younger the child is and the less experience that the child has with online communications, the more vulnerable the individual is to predators on the Internet. Pedophiles approach children on the web through unsolicited e-mails, in chat rooms, through invitations to...
The end:
.....ocent until a meeting occurs. In most cases, however, the pedophile is successful at his or her attempts to communicate with children because of a lack of knowledge of how pedophiles operate online. References
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