Pastoral Ministry: Concepts and Duties


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The beginning:
Pastoral Ministry: Concepts and Duties
Pastoral Ministry(outline)
Etymology of the word "pastor"
The Bible the basis for defining pastoral duties
2.Biblical testimony on the nature of pastoral ministry
The Pastoral Epistles
The three types of pastoral duties
Shepherding duties
Teaching duties
Prayer duties
4.What pastoral ministry does not include.
Church management
Keeping up with the times
Pastoral Ministry: Concepts and Duties
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a pastor is a spiritual overseer, especially of a congregation. The word is derived from the Latin for shepherd, pastor, and the verb pascere, to feed. The word thus evokes a basic concept in Christian thought, Christ the...
The end:
.....s did not have time for administration and neither do pastors today" ("Bible...," n.d.).
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