Parenti’s “Democracy for the Few”


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Parenti's "Democracy for the Few"
In Chapters 7, 10, 11 13, 16,17, and 18 of his book Democracy for the Few, Parenti argues that the US government protects, works for and is biased towards not the people of the USA but rather a small portion of its population, mainly the powerful and the rich. Furthermore, the author argues that the USA government’s main aim is not to promote democracy at home and abroad, but rather to promote capitalism and free- trade. By examining various aspects of the government as well as its military and other policies the author shows that the government protects the interests of the corporations and the rich and that its various branches have a conservative and pro- business bias.
In Chapter 7, Parenti examines...
The end: the needs of the big corporations. Free-trade and deregulations have only added to this trend and it is hard to imagine how the government can implement and even create policies that would go against big corporations. This is especially troubling in terms of protecting the environment since any legislation to regulate or curb the production and emission of greenhouse gases will be strongly opposed. Another question that this issue raises is: who will foot the bill for the damage caused by global warming?
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