Padded Tongues in the Assistance of Seizure Patients


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Padded Tongues in the Assistance of Seizure Patients
This paper is investigating whether it is safe to use a “padded tongue” or similar devices to prevent injury to the victim of an epileptic seizure. The consensus has been for many years that a padded tongue prevents those experiencing a seizure from suffering a serious injury to their tongue, mouth or teeth, and can restrain the phenomenon of the “swallowed tongue” or otherwise occluded airway. However, the use of a padded tongue has been discouraged as of late for children because it could lead to loose or broken teeth.
Padded tongue protocols are important because millions of people around the world suffer seizures every year. Many often experience significant injuries to their oral...
The end:
.....y. I likely would never recommend the use of a padded tongue for children.
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