PACOM Strategies and China


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PACOM Strategies and China
The United States Pacific Command (PACOM) is the main line of defense in the Pacific which stands in the way of the military rise of China. Thus, PACOM has an urgent need to devise innovative strategies to counteract the potential of Chinese aggression in the region. Part of the reason for the synthesis of revised strategies is the premise that China will continue to improve its military capabilities and its economic and political influence will continue to grow.
The Chinese military has been one of the main beneficiaries of the economic boom which China has experienced over the last decade. With a huge trade surplus with the U.S., the irony is that U.S. dollars are actually helping to fund the...
The end:
......S. has been left bearing the brunt of the burden in keeping the world peace. Perhaps PACOM can be instrumental in keeping China under control and India will be a significant partner to this end.
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