Orleans Manufacturing Case Study


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The beginning:
Orleans Manufacturing Case Study
The case study about Custom Fabricators, Inc. and its relationship to Orleans Elevator is an excellent example of the sort of complex issues facing small and mid-level manufacturing companies in the United States today. As such, this case study will answer a series of six questions directly designed to investigate the possible options and scenarios that Custom Fabricators could or would face in order to maintain economic viability and continued prosperity.
How does Ben Lawson’s Custom Fabricators Inc., create value for Orleans? Ben Lawson’s company creates value for Orleans largely because of their symbiotic relationship. Being physically positioned directly next to the Orleans’ manufacturing plant and...
The end:
.....uccess and prosperity of his company depends on his ability to adapt to the “outsourcing models” now being employed by many American companies. Ben must learn to adapt and exploit this new business model for his own advancement, or he will run the risk of being replaced by a foreign firm as well.
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