Organizational Development: Diversity in the Workplace


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Organizational Development: Diversity in the Workplace
This paper is a discussion of diversity in the workplace; essentially, it is a look at how organizational development benefits from diversity. When all is said and done, diversity allows an organization to draw upon a wide array of complementary talents and allows an organization to improve its cross-cultural communication capabilities. At the same time, diversity permits an organization to appeal to a consumer base or to consumer bases that it might not otherwise reach. As a consequence, diversity really does make an organization stronger and should be pursued in any business firm.
Diversity makes an organization wealthier in terms of its human resources; high-performance...
The end:
.....imizes human potential, it encourages cultural competence, and it allows the firm to reach out to a diverse array of clients. Without a firm diversity initiative as its foundation, no organization can hope to compete successfully in the twenty-first century business world. Given all that, diversity initiatives and diversity training should be an imperative of any modern-day business.
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