Organizational Communication


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Organizational Communication
For this assignment the relationship between legal and ethical issues will be discussed in terms of organizational communication. Legal and ethical issues are mirrored by the relationship of objective and subjective. Legal issues are objective; they are in agreement with the law which has as its foundation in objectivity. Ethical issues are purely subjective since they are founded on concepts of right and wrong, good and evil and who has responsibility.   
Professional ethics consists of the rules of the professions membership. This type of ethic is based in rules, codes and law. There is no moral reason why a person follows the rules, codes or laws in a profession. Professional codes of ethics define the...
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.....bal cues, non-verbal cues, speaking and listening. It is in this essence of putting the communication puzzle together that abstraction plays a role in conversation. The ability of people to pretend, misconstrue and deflect the meaning of conversation is what makes communication abstract and poor. Organizations find greater success on all levels if their focus is enhancing communication within the organization’s components (Eisenberg et al, 2010).  
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