Organizational Behaviour Issues in Canadian Tire


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Organizational Behaviour Issues in Canadian Tire
A survey was completed recently asking the employees and managers of the Canadian Tire Corporation about their workplace, hours, pay and benefits, motivation, and how they feel about their workplace overall. The main problem discovered from the results of this survey are that in general, employees are not motivated within Canadian Tire, and as such, are delivering a mediocre performance in any job they’re doing. The dichotomy results from what the managers believe that everything is good, the employees are happy and they have adequate motivation to do their jobs. This creates a serious problem for the mangers; they need to do a better job of motivating their employees, and yet,...
The end:
..... and opportunities for employees to not only thrive but rise to challenges, in order for them to feel a sense of worth and ownership within their own organization), the managers must continue to monitor the cultural changes and continue to make minor adjustments as they see fit. These periodic, but regular, adjustments will begin a cycle of change that will benefit the organization, sales and the employees.
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