Organic Food as a Solution to Obesity


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The beginning:
Organic Food as a Solution to Obesity
This study of the film Food Inc. by Robert Kenner describes the problems associated with meat by products and genetically altered animals as one way in which the fast food industry can create better products by organic production methods. Also, an article review of the film Super Size Me will document how organic vegetables and other dietary habits have not been be incorporated into fast food products, which could prevent obesity if utilized. By examining these perspectives on the fast food industry, these are various steps that can help bring decreasing obesity levels in the American public by using organic faming methods and organic vegetable food products in fast food chains.
The primary problem...
The end:
.....obesity can be decreased in the American population. By decreasing the amounts of saturated fats found in corn fed meat (with grass fed meat) and by increasing vegetables in fast food menus, the problem of obesity in American can be greatly reduced.
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