Opportunity Recognition in the Construction Industry


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Opportunity Recognition in the Construction Industry
Introduction: The Opportunity
The opportunity presented here is bringing MSE retaining walls to fit the designs and plans currently being drafted by the National Park Service and other state and local governments as they push forward with more and more roadway construction. The benefits here are lower costs in actual construction, easier design capability with the universal panel system, and more specialized functioning with the ability for MSE walls to fit where traditional retaining walls would be too burdensome. Thus, government agencies who are already struggling with their budgets will save money, implement traffic construction that will still allow roadway use for citizens, and get...
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.....ir construction products for a lower than domestic price of American products (Ngowi et al. 2005). This has increased the competition in the domestic construction industry, forcing many bold production heads to look for more specialized, higher quality, and innovative products that would be a better fit to compete with foreign products that are cheaply made.
Additionally, in an era of financial stress and technological innovation, the nature of the construction industry is much different than it was in previous generations. For one, modern construction projects have to watch their spending, especially when it comes to government run projects, where money is tight all around. Fred F. Carrera Jr from Carrera Industrial Contractors states that