Opportunities for Fisker Vancouver and Starbucks


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Opportunities for Fisker Vancouver and Starbucks
Fisker Vancouver
The proposed goal for Fisker Vancouver is to increase their market share in BC by 25% in the next fiscal year. There are two relevant symptoms: both opportunities to achieve this and challenges which may prevent the company from reaching this goal. These are outlined below.
One of the most significant positive symptoms is the fact that Fisker has just purchased a former General Motors Plant within the US. The plant, which is located in Delaware, is likely to employ at least 1,500 workers and produce up to 100,000 cars annually. This will allow the firm to be able to produce more cars on demand. In the short term, therefore, the company will be more easily to ensure that...
The end:
.....e introducing value meals which will compete on price, similar to those offered at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s. The company will have to consider, however, whether this strategy will eat away at the ambience and cultural norms around coffee drinking it has created, and perhaps eat away at its core consumer base.
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