Opinion Paper: Private Clinics


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Opinion Paper: Private Clinics
Based on media reports, patients charge that private clinics are violating laws related to extra billing and the law governing the delivery of health services is unconstitutional. Proponents of privatization want the courts to be accepting of private payment and private clinics in order to end wait-lists and make the delivery of care more efficient. The crucial points in the issue of private clinics are related to universal access to care and ability to pay. My opinion is that the argument in favor of private clinics is invalid because it is grounded in bias. I will present both sides of the issue and will discuss the social, political, and economic implications. This issue is pertinent to the...
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..... created to accommodate private clinics, they exploited the situation. These clinics continue a pattern of identifying the lacks within the health care system. A prime example is the lack of accessibility in the health care system; private clinics take it to new heights by ignoring the needs of the poor who need health care most.
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