Operations Management of the Panda Express Restaurant Group


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 This paper shall analyze the operations management of the Panda Express restaurant group, focusing on the company's designs of goods and services, as well as corporate and franchise locations. 
Operations Management of the Panda Express Restaurant Group:
Designs of Goods and Services of Panda Express Group
      The story of Panda Express, which is part of the Panda Restaurant Group, Inc., began in 1973, when founder and current chairman Andrew Cherng opened a solitary restaurant called the Panda Inn, in Glendale, California.  Working with his father, Master Chef Ming-Tsai Cherrng, Cherng used the flavors of Mandarin and Szechuan cooking to create an identifiable taste brand (Pandarg, 2009, web). Growing from these humble...
The end:
.....plicity of locations, which in 2008 produced sales north of $280 million (Hoovers, 2009, web).  
	Since the central plan of the organization is based on the menu and its uniqueness, the menu favors certain items that have become signature-like for the organization, which many consumers recognize after awhile, such as Orange Chicken and Broccoli Beef (Pandarg, 2009, web), and the new signature menu item, Beijing Beef. Panda Express has indeed branded themselves as the fast food Asian option, having celebrated 25 years in the business in 2008 (Business Wire, 2009, web).
	Seemingly aware of product life cycles, the organization continues to come up with varieties of its dishes, sticking closely to the ethos of product development, namely that