Online Role Playing Games in Anda’s “Game”


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The beginning:
Online Role Playing Games in Anda’s "Game"
The short story “Anda’s
Game is a story about a girl who is involved in online role playing games. In the role playing game world, it is difficult to tell what kind of person is operating a particular avatar. This means that it is difficult to determine if a person is representing himself or herself honestly. The crux of the opportunities for deception in this story is very near the end, when Raymond the Mexican trade unionist is talking with
in the game.
“Raymond’s voice had a thick Mexican accent that took some getting used to, but his English was very good—better, in fact, than Lucy’s” (12).
Raymond has contacted
in the game with a request for help. He claims to represent Mexican...
The end:
.....than confident kickers of behinds in a world of make believe. They seem to have well trained leadership skills, like those one might learn working for the military, or the secret service. Though they do not have the same alarming creepiness that Raymond has, their posing as motivational instructors using fantasy role playing games as a way of instilling confidence in girls rings more and more hollow as the story continues.
Game” is a story that illustrates how a child must be on his or her guard while online. It is difficult to know with any certainty if a person is who he or she says he or she is. This is an important lesson for children growing up in the 21st century. This short story brings the dangers of online culture to life.