On Global Human Rights and the Myth of American Exceptionalism


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This paper shall argue that there is a rational reason for nations to abide by international laws prohibiting genocide and other crimes against humanity. Though the United States has often failed to acknowledge such acts, and has even committed atrocities of its own, America and its allies cannot be exceptions to these prohibitions. To allow the current double standard to continue weakens collective defenses at a time when international terrorism allows even the most powerful nations to be attacked.
On Global Human Rights and the Myth of American Exceptionalism
International law is still a principle that exists primarily in theory. While organizations like the United Nations and NATO provide the beginnings of a system of...
The end:
.....ch an attack on American soil, it may be easier to focus on our immediate security and ignore those who have suffered and continue to suffer far worse. But American peace and prosperity depends on international stability, and unity in the face of evil. A small group of extremists determined to eradicate a nation, race, or religion can cause true pandemonium if left unchecked, and for that reason even the United States cannot be an exception: human rights must be upheld by every state collectively or the history of the holocaust will continue to repeat itself.
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