Official Policy Agenda Development, Implementation, and Maintenance


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Official Policy Agenda Development, Implementation, and Maintenance
This policy study will analyze the process in which public problems are eventually identified and turned into official policy agenda. By identifying the initial public problem, the objective variables of the issue can be taken into account and addressed. The public administrator then needs to identify the goals and criterion of the problem for policy formulation. The next step should include implementation policies, which must then be maintained over a long period of time to make sure the agenda is working. In essence, the definition of the problem must b processed through creating goals, implementation and maintenance of these policies in the public arena.
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.....makers have the time or effort to address the problem. This provides the way in which policy makers can learn to objectively find if the problem is real or not, making sure to be able to gauge the dangers of the public problem according to their own timeline and resources (Birkland 103). By understanding that studies will need to be don to address the problem, policymakers will invariably need the cooperation of many agencies to address the problem accurately and with efficacy. This is the first stage of the finding the public problem, and how it can be formulated into an official public policy that can be put into action by policymakers. Also, the policymakers must be able to discern between the support or non-support of the general public