Odwalla Inc. Case Analysis: E.coli Poisoning


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The beginning:
Odwalla Inc. Case Analysis: E.coli Poisoning
In 1996, Odwalla Inc. experienced one of the most well known E.coli poisoning cases in United States history. And although one child died and scores of others became sick as a direct result of exposure to E.coli bacteria from Odwalla products, Odwalla’s handling of this situation is considered one of the best examples of proper crisis management (Crandall, Parnell and Spillan 56). Accordingly, the following discussion provides a detailed analysis of the Odwalla case study.
Study Preview
The current study is organized according to the following major topics: 1) primary and secondary stakeholders influencing or influenced by the E. Coli Poisoning, 2) five contributing factors of the crisis at...
The end:
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