Occurrence Report Drawn from Buck’s North Star Over My Shoulder


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The beginning:
Occurrence Report Drawn from Buck’s North Star Over My Shoulder
To: Chief of Flight Operations
Cc: Chief of Crews
Date: October 11, 2010-10-14
Subject: Flight from London to New York (Alternative Route Entertained)
Flight to London wishes to combat strong Atlantic winds by moving above the low via a more northern-ward course over Northern Ireland, Greenland and Labrador. Approval granted for flight at 35000 feet. However, East of Greenland, the low was further north than forecast and the winds were bad. Clearance given to climb to 39000 feet; However, between Goose Bay, Labrador, and St. Lawrence River, air traffic insisted that plane drop to 29000 feet; pilot forced to consider going to Albany as alternative plan if fuel stocks...
The end:
.....r altitude because of military refuelling exercises. It is similarly requested that military refuelling exercises be carried out at a lower altitude so that commercial flights can maintain the desired altitude. If, of course, this is not possible, then the alternative is to have commercial flight schedules re-orientated to fit around the schedules of the military. Additionally, more fuel should be stored on the planes that are embarking on these flights so that diminished altitude does not result in diminished fuel stocks – or insufficient fuel at a critical time.
Overall, the performance must be considered solid if unspectacular.
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