Obtaining Start-Up Funding


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Obtaining Start-Up Funding
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October 16, 2009
In a technologically advanced society, a start-up business that hopes to obtain funding for its operations must be prepared that the bar has been set quite high for what investors would be willing to fund. In essence, the technology must be quite innovative, unique, and has a strong financial growth curve. Any effort short of this ideal is quite likely to be characterized by pitching for funding and finding efforts being ignored quite often. Thus, the premise is made that this hypothetical technology is indeed cutting-edge and has an associated business plan which promises a lucrative future. With this premise in mind, the funding which is...
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.....acumen. Loans provide the scenario that the start-up does not have to answer to any other entity. The focus can be firmly placed in achieving the business targets with the sole exception that the payback schedule must be adhered to. The lack of personality conflict issues can provide a business environment which is less cluttered with power dynamics situations.
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