Observation Narrative of Middle School Science Class


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The beginning:
Observation Narrative of Middle School Science Class
Before the class started, the teacher had posted learning objectives on the board for students to see as they entered the classroom. Students could see they were supposed to learn about 1) components of the solar system and 2) characteristics of inner and outer planets. The teacher has standards of performance detailed in his lesson plan book that tell what materials are needed for the lesson, what students are supposed to know, what students are supposed to produce, and procedures to implement the lesson. The teacher had lesson plans for each day since the beginning of the semester, to four days after the observation date.
The anticipatory set for the lesson was a K-W-L titled “Outer...
The end:
.....ined they were to write a journal entry from the perspective of a space traveler who could choose any outer planet to visit. The journal entry was specified to be around 250 words, describing things the narrator would see, think, and feel on a journey to such a place. The teacher specified that the homework was due at the beginning of the next day’s class.
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