Object Analysis: Yangshao Ceramic Edz4339


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The beginning:
Object Analysis: Yangshao Ceramic Edz4339
This essay serves to examine a Yangshao ceramic pot, namely Object Number Edz4339 in the Museum of Anthropology. This pot was donated to the museum as part of the Victor Shaw Collection of Chinese Arts in 1990. This object was once a part of a collection of usable tools in a personal home, and now it resides in the Multiversity Galleries in the museum. This means that its meaning has been changed by the fact that it is no longer in the possession of the Chinese people, and also by the fact that it is now used as an object of observation rather than something which can be used every day. It is not necessarily an object of colonial control since it does not come from a region of China...
The end:
.....e a hard look at whether or not there is value in having an open collection without additional information made available to visitors.
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