Obesity in America


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Obesity in America
It must be a sign of the times, but food experts rate a Los Angeles chain called “Fat Burger” as a top choice for fast food. We are a nation that overeats, under-exercises and pays the penalty with more heart attacks, growing numbers of even youngsters with diabetes. Obesity certainly is considered aa leading risk factor for diabetes. "Some eighty to eighty-five percent of those diagnosed with adult on-set diabetes are overweight” (Bierman and Toobey 11). However, the fact remains that it is the American life-style and the abundance of food choices that are not necessarily healthy which cause obesity to be a national problem, a problem surely to get worse as more and more of our young people, even toddlers are...
The end:
.....ar on Pizza; The federal food police
single out the sacred slice--and pick a smart fight”
New York Magazine, Feb. 14, 2011
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U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Work with
Education Stakeholders to Increase Participation in the
HealthierUS School Challenge and Advance Goals of
First Lady's Let's Move” Lanham:
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“Obesity; Lap Band - Approximately 33 Percent of Adults
in America are Obese LAP BAND Surgery Can Improve Your
Life: Atlanta: Medical Letter on the CDC & FDA
Dec. 28, 2008