Obama and Leadership


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Obama and Leadership
Leadership is a quality that is difficult to define. There are a number of definitions of leadership and a number of different ways to lead. Many of the books looking at leaders of note use the controversial nature of leadership to suggest that one form of leadership is better then another. They try and tell their readers what qualities a leader should possess or what skills they lack.
One book that deals with leadership is Leadership the
Way by
Leanne. This book looks at current U.S. President
leadership style. According to Leanne,
A master of the craft of leadership,
has transcended traditional divisions of
ethnicity, socioeconomics, region, party
affiliation, and race to attain one...
The end:
..... sound bites, slogans and images. Also middle of the road leadership makes action difficult.
In terms of management the book shows how useful team building can be to successful manager. The book also demonstrated that leadership is not an innate quality. Instead successful leaders like
spend a great deal of time and energy developing tools for making impressions and getting people to agree with them. This would indicate that in many cases successful leadership is little more then the ability to project the right image. This would mean that a successful leader like
is based more on the surface of the leader then the substance they are made of.
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