Nursing Response Paper


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Nursing Response Paper
The first passage I will discuss is “Moments That Make a Difference,” by Jennifer Conklin, as found in the book Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of View of Care (Hudacek, 2005, pp. 29-30). In this passage, the nurse writes about her experience with treating a patient suffering from osteogenic sarcoma, who has had multiple long visits to the hospital. The nurse describes her perception of the patient as being strong-willed and filled with a persevering spirit through the tribulations of her bout with cancer. She also describes having developed a good rapport with the patient. The pivotal portion of the passage occurs during a day when the patient is to receive a rather extreme form of chemotherapy which the...
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.....en more deeply to what was occurring with the student beneath the level of the surface symptom. I concur with the nurse’s perspective that this can be an enormously revealing response to anyone who is looking for help. As in the first passage discussed, I believe this one also demonstrates the nurse accessing her own intuition and capacity for insight in the moment. By not having a stock response, or a mechanical one, the nurse opened herself to the needs of the student and was able to get to the core of the student’s complaint and to be truly of service, not only to the student, but to her family as well.
Hudacek, M. (2005). Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of View of Care. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International.