Nursing Political Power and Powerlessness


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The beginning:
Nursing Political Power and Powerlessness
Nurses’ perceptions of their power are a combination of positive and deeply negative attitudes which result from socially constructed assumptions over the history of nursing. Political involvement is impacted by lack of knowledge of the political process and feelings of powerlessness. On the positive side, nurses need to focus on their resources and their history to perceive their potential power.
Barriers to nurses’ power
According to West and Griffith (2007), as a result of their lack of power and control over their work environment, nurses have been identified as an oppressed group. Furthermore, for the most part, freedom from oppression is not about to result from leadership within...
The end:
.....f influence through greater knowledge, concerted efforts to change the image of the nursing profession, and being aware that they are already successfully exercising power at various levels.
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