Nursing Management Article Reviews


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The beginning:
Nursing Management Article Reviews
1st Article: Better Motivation for Nursing Management, by Maneera Bashir
What is the author’s main ideas or ideas?
In this article, the author delineates her thoughts on why motivation is so important to nursing management, and specifically describes three main ways in which motivation can be used to improve nurses work performance. The author begins by stating that motivation is so important in nursing management because “staff need to be motivated to have quality patient care, to develop staff efficiency and to reduce absenteeism.” She describes the first factor in providing quality motivation in nursing management as working to meet nurses individual needs. The three main individual needs that nurses...
The end:
.....ich of the author’s ideas do you agree with? WHY?
The author thinks it’s important for nurses to be aware of various leadership models in choosing which ones work for them. She also feels there needs to be encouragement towards developing leadership skills clinically. I think her ideas are intelligent and relevant to the practice of nursing and management in nursing, therefore I agree with them.
Which of the author’s ideas do you not agree with? WHY?
There are no ideas expressed by the author with which I disagree.
Does any of this article relate to your experiences? How?
I find the assertions in the article to be supportive of my future as a nurse, as I would like to have the encouragement necessary to develop leadership skills as desired.