Nursing Home Administration


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Nursing Home Administration
I. Nursing homes occupy uneasy territory in American life. They provide vital, compassionate, and often life-affirming services to its patients and their families. Yet no one wants to be in a nursing home. Not only is it often the last residence for many people, it symbolizes their inability to take care of themselves, often after decades of active and zestful living. Not only should a nursing home be as cheerful and uplifting as possible in order to not reinforce the complex emotions that often accompany a patient during a stay in a nursing home, but its safety must be guaranteed absolutely.
The buck essentially stops with the nursing home administrator with so many things: budget, infrastructure, human...
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.....r accommodations for the physically handicapped.
Unsafe Working Condition – Any worksite condition that is reasonably presumed to expose employees to injury or other hazards.
IV. Fill in the Blanks
A. The only housekeeping duty reserved for nursing staff is the making of beds, partly because of the risks involved with a bedridden and seriously debilitated patient.
B. The Life Safety Code requires one fire drill per shift per quarter, 12 per year.
C. The emergency generator must provide power for life-support devices, illuminate all entrance and exit lights, and maintain the fire, alarm and fire extinguishing systems.
D. OBRA requires at least a single window in each patient room.
E. The principal cause of death in fires is smoke inhalation.