Nursing Care Plan for the Patient with Emphysema.


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Nursing Care Plan for the Patient with Emphysema.
Pathophysiology of the Medical Condition.
The woman in the case study has three medical conditions: emphysema, osteoporosis and hypertension.  Emphysema is a chronic respiratory condition that is principally caused by cigarette smoking.  It is an obstructive condition, rather than a restrictive condition such as asthma, and it is slowly progressive.  Progression leads to breathlessness, hypoxia, pulmonary hyperinflation, productive cough and repeated chest infection and, ultimately, death.
The pathological process occurs in the alveoli and bronchioles.  The normal anatomy of the alveoli is that they are clusters of individual hollow spheres separated by cellular membranes; rather...
The end:
.....e patient’s hypoxia.  Helping the patient to be as calm as possible will oxygen consumption and reduce the strain of the respiratory system.
Constant monitoring by pulse oximeter shows that SaO2 levels have increased to greater than 90%.
Respiratory rate has slowed to 24 bpm.
Breathing effort has diminished as evidenced by patients posture and reduced use of accessory muscles.
After explaining all procedures and anticipated events to the patient she appears calmer. 
Efforts have been made to implement arrangements for the care of BN’s cats by neighbours and this has reduced her agitation.
The patient will not have a productive cough within 7 days.
Medication and Dose
Class and Safe Range
Mechanism of Action
Nursing Considerations