Nursing as Defined by Nightingale


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The beginning:
Nursing as Defined by Nightingale
Towards the end of my life, I was held up as the greatest figure in nursing and an icon for all nurses. I believe that all nurses are capable of my achievements. In nursing, we often consider passion but I believe in fierce commitment. For me, nursing is not an interest but a calling from God and therefore is a moral obligation (
, 2007). The key to understanding Notes on nursing is found in my focus on research into the origins of and prevention of disease. My one concern and motivation has been an improved future for nursing and that has to be the motivation for all nurses.
Purpose of book
My purpose in writing Notes on nursing was not to inform nurses about how to practice but to...
The end:
.....nce continues. Notes on nursing is not a manual for nurses but a guide for a new approach to nursing. The book brought attention to the 13 canons or concepts which are related to the type of physical environment for the patient and the effects it is producing.
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