Nursing and Euthanasia


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Nursing and Euthanasia
Medical professionals have to deal with a range of controversial issues. One of the most contentious issues is euthanasia. Euthanasia is defined as, “a deliberate act that causes death at the voluntary request of a person incapable of causing his or her own death”(Schwarz,2003,p.378). Euthanasia is so contentious because it pits our right to self-determination with the ethical implications of killing people.
In this essay it will be argue that euthanasia could be a viable option for patients. However, the ultimate decision has to belong to the patient and the doctor. Nurses should not be aiding patients with euthanasia. Nurses should perform a role in facilitating communication between patients and doctors. This...
The end:
.....anasia on a professional level. Since nurses are not physicians they don’t have to get directly involved with euthanasia. In this way they can avoid the slippery slope and the social and political problems associated with taking a position. The nurse can work to facilitate communications between patients and doctors.
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